Frequently asked questions


Where are your best prices?

We have the best prices and exclusive offers on our website, make a reservation here for the best prices. Prices for November to March are 50% off compared to high season prices. You can also send us your inquiry here.

do i have to pay all the reservation upfront?

No we do accept a confirmation fee of 15% and the rest you can pay upon arrival. However you do not book that directly through the booking system, please fill out the form at and you can make your reservation by paying 15% now and the rest at any time prior to arrival.

How is the campervan in the icelandic winter?

During the Winter in Iceland you can expect all weathers, but the temperature very rarely goes below 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 Celcius). Our Campervans are equipped with high quality Coleman Silverton 250 Sleeping bags that are approved for 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 degrees Celcius), so they can handle the heat level in Iceland 12 months a year. Shall it be very cold, we do however recommend having the engine on for the whole night so you can have the heat on the whole night (we do it our self when we travel). The Campervan consumes very little gas during the night (1-2 liters) so the cost is very moderate. We have been operating for three years for the Whole winter and the experience has been very positive (and cost efficient) for our clients. This experience is maybe not suitable for everyone but for a Northern Light Adventure you can have a really good time. Shall you be staying for a long time during the Winter we do however have many clients that do use other type of accommodation for part of their trip. Shall you have any question about a Winter adventure in our Campervan Message us:) 

how should i prepare for a wintertrip in iceland?

Your Safety is very important and all our Campervans are equipped with winter tires for the season, make sure that you follow the weather and road conditions every day at It is very important to have a functional phone and a WIFI for your trip, you can buy SIM cards in most gas stations and we do provide WIFI for a moderate price. In case of an emergency contact 112, it is essential to have Warm clothes for your trip of course and a couple of pairs of extra warm socks is essential. The main road number one is well maintained and generally speaking you can travel on that road easily in our FWD vans for the whole year. However the roads can get closed and you may need to alter your trip but that is the exception rather than the rule. We suggest that you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We have operated for the past three winters now and generally the experience has been positive for our clients but the experience is not for everyone. We do not recommend the experience for insecure drivers. The tolerance for the cold is also different from person to person so please make sure that you are ready for all types of weather. Our cancellation policy is flexible and you can return the van at any time and get a full refund for the rest of your trip and stay in a hotel.

What is included in the rental for no extra fee?

•Two sets of pillows, Coleman Silverton 250 sleeping bags approved for 0 degrees Fahrenheit, fleece blankets and a sheet
•Flatware, glasses, kitchen knife, cutting board and other kitchenware
•A gas stove for cooking along with a set of small pots.
•Two towels and cleaning equipment
•Two camping chairs and table
•Coffee press
•Unlimited driving
•A Ford Transit Connect Long version with FWD or Dacia Dokker, depending on your choise.

What is not included in the rental?

•Insurance is not included,
•WIFI is $5 extra per day.

WHAT IS a travel guide tablet?

Travel Guide Tablet is a device that you will love it will make your trip so much easier press the link to get more information on it: Travel Guide Tablet

can i check into the van 24/7?

The checkin is Self Service and it can happen 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

What type of insurances do you offer?

FULL COVERAGE (PREMIUM INSURANCE/GOLD INSURANCE): Includes Gold CDW insurance with a self risk of only $250, Gravel protection insurance, theft insurance, sand & ash insurance. Price $45 per day.

MEDIUM COVERAGE (SILVER INSURANCE): Includes a Super CDW insurance with a self risk of $750, a Gravel protection insurance with no self risk, theft insurance and sand & ash insurance. Price $30 per day.

LOW COVERAGE (BRONZE INSURANCE): Includes a CDW insurance with a self risk of $2500. Price $20 per day.

how do i log on to the wifi?

There is a small router in the Campervan, when you turn it on the name of the WIFI and it's password appears.

Can I use the insurance on my Credit Card?

Credit card insurance do not cover modified vehicles and unfortunately we cannot accept any Credit card insurances.

What is your cancellation policy?

There is a full refund if you cancel your reservation 24 hours or more prior to checkin, The refund includes the price of the vehicle and extra items you may have paid for. If you cancel your reservation later than that we may take up to 50% fee, but we try to be understanding and flexible when it comes to cancellation. Shall the experience not be for you, you can return the Campervan during your reservation and get a full refund for the rest of your trip.

airport pickup and dropoff?

You can choose airport pickup and airport dropoff and get a shuttle from the airport to the pickup location.

How is it best to contact you?

The quickest way to contact us is via the Facebook chat, most of the time we answer there within a couple of minutes. In case of emergency call 112.

Where can I park/stay overnight?

Parking overnight in an organized campsite is recommended. There are plenty of organized campsites all around Iceland and they can be found in the following link: And on this map Tjaldstæði.

Where can I pick up or drop off the vehicle?

We do only offer pickups and dropoffs in Reykjavík.

Do you offer 4x4 vans?

We do not offer that type of vans only FWD.

Where can I go to take a shower during my trip?

Almost all small villages in the country have a swimming pools that are cheap and popular, you can see all of them at

Can I listen to music in the Campervan?

Of course, there is a Bluetooth, AUX, USB input on the stereo in the Campervan and you can listen to your own music via the internet with our wireless router.

What sort of weather and road conditions can I expect?

Iceland is famous for having unpredictable weather, so make sure you are updated about the weather and road conditions on

What is the fuel consumptions on the van?

It is 30-35 miles per gallon. 6-7 l/100 km

Do you have automatic transmission vans?

Yes we do.

Where can I get groceries for my trip?

Bonus and Kronan are cheapest, btw. you do not have to buy bottled water save some cash by drinking from the tap, the water here is clean. Both of these stores are very close to the pickup location.

Should I buy the camping card? Where do I do that?

Yes it can work for you, however please note that the card only applies to certain campsites.

Can I only pay with a Credit Card?

No you can use for example PayPal as well, if you want to pay with that send us a message on our Facebook Chat.

Helpful links: - For your safety - Information on where to Camp - The official Icelandic Weather forecast - The Aurora Forecast in Iceland - For Travelling from the Airport to the BSI bus terminal and vice versa. - Very popular lagoon in the South - All types of tourist information from an Icelandic publisher - Find all the cheap Swimming pools that are located all around the country here. - This is the public bus system - For gas and service on the road - you can ask for a fuel discount card. - For paying the only toll road in Northern Iceland.


Access codes

Country calling code: +354

International call prefix: 00



Emergency number Ambulance: 112

Police: 444 2500

Directory enquiries: 1818, 1819 or 1800